This store contains all the form values at submit time, only if the bound element is a form element. The values are an Object with the key per group name and it's value.

The value can be a single value, or an array or values depending on there being fields with the same name (e.g. multiple checkboxes), or a <select> element with the multiple attribute.


import {formula} from 'svelte-formula';
const {form, submitValues} = formula();
const { postToApi } '../libs/api'
function submit() {
$: result = $submitValues
<form use:form>
<label for='value-1'>Value 1</label>
<input type='number' required id='value-1' name='value1' />
<label for='value-2'>Value 2</label>
<input type='number' required id='value-2' name='value2' />
<button on:click={submit}>Submit</submit>